Etsy Conference (English)

The Etsy Munich team is organizing a one day conference for online sellers based in Munich and the region. The conference will feature talks and workshops about selling online, with an emphasis on using the Etsy platform. But Dawanda sellers and makers with their own online shops are more than welcome and encouraged to attend! The conference will take place at Glücksmaid, Adelzreiterstr. 3 (near Goetheplatz).


The conference will be bilingual (English and German) to include non-native German speakers.


The workshops/talks will take place in parallel in small groups, so each attendee can participate in 2 workshops/talks. The breaks and final talk will include all conference attendees.
konferenz timetable_english


Waltraut and Christiane from the team will make sure that during the  conference we’ll have enough to eat and drink. There will be a snack in the morning and a group lunch, as well as cake in the afternoon. Please let us know if you have allergies of food  restrictions that we need to be aware of. As the team members also have diet preferences, the meal will include a vegetarian and vegan option as well.


Tickets can be purchased at eventbrite. Conference participation requires a ticket!


The Etsy München Team is a team organized on Etsy. The members are mostly online sellers from Munich and the region. We have a monthly Stammtisch in the siebenmachen Atelierladen. ‘Experts’ are invited to the Stammtisch to present talks and workshops and exchange knowledge about selling online. At the conference this knowledge will be collected into an entire, day-long program. Anyone can follow the team activity on Facebook. For up to date info on Stammtisch dates and other meet-ups there’s a newsletter.
To contact the team write us an e-mail.

(Thanks to Eleanor for the english translation)


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